Caruggi Tour

An itinerary across the biggest European old town: driving your Segway, you could lose yourself between sights and wonders as Columbus's House and St. Lawrence's Cathedral.

Be bewitched yourself by the most suggestive town corners, full of charme and history!


After assuming the mastery of your means, we will visit the Porto Antico Area and will run along the characteristic Via del Campo, the street sung by Fabrizio De André in one of his most famous and scabrous song.


In Maddalena quarter, it will be funny to lose ourselves in narrow alleyways - called "Caruggi" – and then reach the old Via Garibaldi and his palaces of nobility.

Our tour will continue leaving the old town and carrying on Piazza Fontane Marose, Piazza Corvetto and toward the wonderful unknown Galleria Mazzini, until arriving to the central and monumental Piazza De Ferrari with the impressive Carlo Felice's theatre and Palazzo Ducale.


We'll go through Piazza delle Erbe where there was the spice market in the past, outcoming of Middle East commerce. Today it's the Genoese night life meeting point.

We'll arrive to Porta Soprana: this gate was a part of Barbarossa's Walls which were built in the XII Century to defend the town from German Emperor Frederick I Hohenstaufen, called Barbarossa.

From this poit of view, we'll see Columbus's House and we'll continue our tour in the charateristic Via Ravecca until Piazza Sarzana. Here it's situated the St. Augustine Monastery, peculiar for his triangle-shaped map and the panoramic view from his mosaic bell-tower.

We'll go down Stradone di Sant'Agostino, arriving to St. Donatus's Church.

Running along Vico San Bernardo, we'll reach Santa Maria del Castello's Church which is the oldest church in Genoa. It's situated in the ancient Roman zone where there was the defence castrum (Roman encampment).


Close to church, you'll can admire the Embriaci Tower, a Medieval Genoese tower is still alive: it's a real testimony of the power of Embriaci's family. This family is remembered as the creator of a siege tower, which allowed crusaders to climb over Jerusalem walls and to conquer the city during the first Crusade.

We'll run down to the beautiful hidden St. Cosma and Damian's Church, to the St. George's Church and St. Torpete's Church.

You could be surprised to discover a lot of churches in the old town, but it's a real evidence about Genoeses' faith in the Middle Age and Renaissance.

Finally, you will see the vitality under the arcades in Sottoripa, where in the past there was a lot of artisan's shops and St. George's Palace, the oldest European Bank seat.

price: EUR 60,00
leight:2 ore 30 minuti