SMART CITY TOUR -The tour of sustainable mobility

An unmissable one-hour ride with bicycles, scooters and segways to experience the practicality of Sustainable Mobility in Genoa.

Climbs, cobblestones, cycle paths, road and pedestrian areas: you will experience the experience of a "mixed" route, which you can tackle with ease. You will understand how to behave in order to be able to move safely and in compliance with the new regulations of the highway code on a tour of the beauties of the center of Genoa, dedicated to lovers of "smart mobility" and all those who want to get closer to this world and discover more on this smart way of getting around.

Not only Segway: it will be an unforgettable experience, which will give you the chance to try
simultaneously several vehicles in addition to our fantastic "Bighe".

On board electric scooters, electro-assisted bicycles and other surprising and innovative means of transport, you can visit the most characteristic places of the historic center, accompanied by our staff, in complete safety and practicality, following a circuit where this type of vehicle can move freely and give great emotions.

After a funny "driving school" in the Porto Antico area, you will be ready to leave for this fantastic "walk" and you will have the opportunity to choose and drive differtent vehicles several times during the tour, thus testing the various performances and utilities.

Book your experience now, or contact us for all the information! Go Green, Go Smart, Go Electric!

price: EUR 30,00
leight:1 ore 00 minuti